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The HRYO – Human Rights Youth Organization is non-profit, non-governmental organisation founded in Palermo in 2009 with the aim to strengthen the Human Rights at a local and global level. 

Vision: The Human Rights Youth Organization believes in a world governed by peace and mutual understanding. We see education as an essential aspect towards creating a reality that promotes and protects human dignity, all aspects of equality and sustainability. As an organization we see the importance in supporting local action and developing the potential of a single human being, for small changes lead to big process.  

Mission: Our mission is to facilitate, through various means, the fulfilment of Human Rights and establish an international network of organisations and individuals who are actively contributing to their local context. 


1. To restore Human dignity by using non-formal educational projects that respond to the needs of society and the individual;

2. To break down prejudice by connecting different realities and facilitate an intercultural dialogue;

3. To raise awareness of oppression and suffering and the issues surrounding them;

4. To establish a network that supports local movements in conflict zones;

5. To create, facilitate and communicate a pathway towards  a culture of peace, respect and sustainability; 

6. To be of influence in the change of law, rules and policies that protect the Human Rights;

7. To establish a local Human Rights Centre that educates about and promotes the integration of Human Rights with daily life; 

8. To promote culture as a tool in the acceptance and understanding of diversity;

9. To  use a holistic approach in the achievement of  tolerance amongst the new generation;

10. To promote peaceful action towards liberation from the influence of mafia and organized crime; 

11. To be a leading example in all of the above.